Speaking Characteristics of a Good Speaker

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Published: 08th February 2010
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Speaking in front of an audience is a skill and one that everyone should have learned in college. Being able to communicate and express yourself to many people is essential in every aspect of life, no matter the type of work you do. A good speaker does not necessarily have to have a good and loud voice; and although that's an advantage, without the right characteristics, unfortunately, an impressive loud voice isn't enough to keep people listening. If you intend to become a speaker that's not only engaging but impressive, build the right characteristics in yourself and watch people awe while you're speaking.

Confident and Funny

Stepping onto a stage, shy and uncertain of yourself, results in an audience that is also unsure of you and your ability to entertain them for what, the next 30 minutes? Any audience wants someone speaking to them to be convincing and the only way you can be convincing is to show you're confident about yourself and about what you're saying. Don't fidget around with your hands, hair or any equipment on the speaker's table (pens, papers and microphone). Add audience bonuses if you throw in a few funny punch lines out of the blue. This makes the audience feel a little more comfortable with you, as well as gives you time to think and pace out as they laugh. Don't be too serious. Keep a light mood during speaking so you won't feel nervous.

Organized and Responsible

No speaker should come to an event without being prepared - unless you're really, really, really good (or just destined to fail?). Speaking requires a lot of energy, planning and research, especially if you're not as familiar with the subject. Learn why your audience is there listening to your speech, know their wants and goals. Be responsible enough to research on important things that will help make your speaking a success. Avoid being late to events as this ensures major negative points to you as a speaker - everyone will be hating you already as soon as you step onto the stage.

Determined and full of passion

To make an effect on your audience while speaking, you have to be determined to make your point. Use various methods to pass your message onto your audience and use passion to get them hooked. Be convincing with your passion for the subject and earn respect for your dedication.

Speaking is a skill that everyone can learn with much practice and sufficient dedication.

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